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This is a small print and play RPG that came out of a Tumblr post.  The original poster suggested an RPG system where the three main stats are Live, Laugh, and Love.  I took an hour and wrote this up, taking inspiration from games such as Lasers and Feelings and Blades in the Dark for mechanics.

In brief:  "Live" is the stat for boldness and leaving your comfort zone, "Laugh" is the stat for handling hardship, and "Love" is the stat for protecting and caring for loved ones.

This game is unlikely to be worked on further; it was always meant to be a 1-hour prototype (unlike some games I've been working on for years...).  I might shore up some phrasing if it's apparent that things are too ambiguous, but I'm probably not going to playtest or do graphic design.  Even the cover image was minimal effort!

If you play it, let me know how it turns out!

Original concept by batbrobeyond.tumblr.com.


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